Process of Direct Marketing

Marketing should start even before a crop has been planted. The main function of the marketing team is not only to sell fresh produce, but to plan the season ahead with both the producer and customer in mind. Planning manages the risk for both the producer and buyer and allows for transparency during the entire marketing process.

When an order is placed by the buyer/customer, the producers is notified about a direct marketing transaction. At this stage the volume is confirmed and in most cases the price is also confirmed by the producer, buyer and agent.

A delivery note is issued by the producer and sent with the load and a copy must also be supplied to Farm Fresh Direct. As soon as the product is delivered and received by the buyer/customer, a goods receipt document is issued and sent to Farm Fresh Direct.

On receipt of this document an invoice will be raised and issued by Farm Fresh Direct and supplied to the buyer/customer. This will be followed by weekly statements to the different buyers/customers.

All payments are done into the Farm Fresh Direct trust account. Once a payment has been received, it will be loaded for payment to the producer using the Freshlinq software developed and managed by the FGX platform.

Monthly trust account recons are also supplied to APAC (Agricultural Producers Agents Council) in order to ensure that Farm Fresh Direct complies with the Agricultural Produce Agents Act 12 of 1992.

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